"Happy Birthday"

A short animation/stop motion video for Cornish College of the Arts. Spring semester, sophomore year.

All rights reserved. 2015

Installation No. 1 (3-Channel Video)

Video made as a part of an installation for Corridor Festival, Presented by Elevator Seattle on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. In collaboration with Mackenzie Simon for the music.

Information of the Piece:
Installation No. 1, 2016
Media: 3-channel video, 3 color TV monitor, 3 DVD Players, 3 Headphones, Audio
Music composed by Mackenzie Simon (aka HimeHime)
Shot & Edited by: Anissa Amalia
Big Thanks To: Imana Gunawan, Chris Engelbrecht, Michael O'Neal Jr., Alexis Modula, Kat Armstrong, Alexis Silva for the participation in this video.